Ultrasound Entertainment's Multi-Media Package
Elegant & Inspiring

An Ultrasound Entertainment Original!

A Stirring Addition for a A Wedding Reception, Anniversary, Birthday, Retirement, or Special Occasion

What do you get? Here's a foretaste of the Ultrasound Multi-Media Package:

At a wedding reception, the beautiful bride dances with her distinguished father during their special dance. As they're dancing live on the dance floor, in the backdrop is an elegant big screen where home-movie footage of the bride when she was a little girl huggin her father is played for all in attendance. The guests see the bride and her dad dancing and still in their view is touching footage of the bride growing up. A powefully moving addition to a beautiful formality.

At a 40th Wedding Anniversary, the husband and wife are invited to the dance floor for their first dance. As they dance live, at the end of the dance floor is an elegant 10-foot screen with footage of the husband and wife dancing their first dance at their wedding 40 years earlier, to the same song!

Another feature Attraction of the Ultrasound Multimedia Package:
Live Simulcasting

When not playing home-movies or photographs, our VJ shoots footage which instantly appears on the big screen. This is called live simulcasting and adds to the fun of any event. An example: your funniest friend decides to lead the conga line, the DJ announces to those in line, "Let's follow the leader, whatever the leader does you have to follow." The VJ zooms in and the fun is magnified.

Playing our Gift of a Lifetime. One of our most successful and inspirational add-ons is the Gift of a Lifetime, (have link) a video biography of the guest(s) of honor. The Gift of a Lifetime can be played cinema-style on the big screen.

Playing footage to fit a theme. Many events are theme-orientated. Footage can be played to set the desired mood. If for example, there is a beach theme, periodically we can play beach scenes, ocean waves, surfing highlights, beach volleyball, etc. on the big screen.

The Ultrasound Multi-Media Package includes a 10-foot Big Screen elegantly surrounded by drapes and curtains, a rear-view projector, camera, and VJ.

Now affordably priced, this hi-tech technology can be used to add style, and evoke memories and moving emotion for you and your guests at your special occasion.

Add On's

*The Gift of a Lifetime. Inspirational Video-Biography of the guest(s) of honor professionally produced on DVD to be played at your event. Also a wonderful keepsake. Strongly Suggested.

* Filming and Editing of your event. We will produce a highlight DVD of your event to remember for a lifetime.

The Bundle: Order the MultiMedia Package, a DVD of event, and the Gift of a Lifetime
And save.

Another Ultrasound original.

The This Is Your Life Package .

One of the most popular TV shows of yesteryear was This is Your Life with Ralph Edwards. We have taken this concept and integrated it for an anniversary, birthday, retirement, or your very own This is Your Life party.

Designing a set. With the help of the caterer, we offer the option of setting up your choice of one of two sets. Set #1, the Roast Set, includes a long banquet table on riser with 6 to 12 special guests seated facing the audience. Set #2, the This is Your Life set, includes a chairs and sofa set up like a TV Talk Show.

Placement of Screen. An elegant 8-foot screen is the center of both sets. Placement of Screen is placed behind and above, so as to display footage and photos of guest speaking and the guest of honor.

Hosting. We offer the option of your choice of a close friend or family member hosting, or Ultrasound will provide the DJ entertainer as host.

Multi-Media Introduction. With the introduction of each guest, photos and/or home movie footage of the guest is featured on the big screen, with a theme song playing as the host introduces the guest. When the guest is speaking, photos and footage of the guest of honor are shown on the screen.

Taping of Event. A film crew comes and tapes the event, the roasts, old stories, emotional moments, the laughs of your closest and dearest friends. A professional DVD or VHS tape will be a well-loved keepsake.

Playing the Gift of a Lifetime. Our inspirational video biography of the guest of honor is a must to be played before or after the roasts.

Live Simulcasting of Dancing. After the roast, the dance floor will open, and the VJ will shoot live the dancing and fun.

DJ Music Package. Our highly-rated DJ entertainers will provide good music for the This is Your Life intros and for dinner and dancing.


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